Switch Firmware Upgrade – CLI

By | March 3, 2016

HP Procurve
Download latest firmware from https://h10145.www1.hpe.com/support/SupportLookUp.aspx
ProCurve Switch 2510B-24#copy flash tftp Q_11_07.swi (make a firmware backup to TFTP server)
ProCurve Switch 2510B-24#copy tftp flash Q_11_73.swi primary (download new firmware and overwrite primary storage)
ProCurve Switch 2510B-24#boot system flash primary (optional, to switch to primary image)

3COM (4500G)
<4500>delete /unreserved s3p01_00.web
<4500>delete /unreserved s3n03_01_00s56p01.app
<4500>tftp get s3q05_02_00s168p20.app
<4500>tftp get s3r05_06.btm

Next step is to configure which files will be used by the switch on the next boot.
<4500>boot-loader file flash:/s3q05_02_00s168p20.app
<4500>bootrom update file flash:/s3r05_06.btm