Lancer/Inspira Bulb List

By | January 2, 2013

Front of car:
Front turn signal light: 21watts bulb: WY21W
Head light, high beam: 60watts bulb: 9005 HB3
Head light, low beam: (halogen bulb) 51watts bulb: 9006 HB4
front foglight: 55watts bulb: H11
Front side marker and parking light: 5watts bulb: 168/194
Side turn signal light: 5watts bulb: 168/194

REAR of car:
High mounted stop light: Led
License plate: 5watts bulb: 168/194
back up light: 21watts bulb: 7440
tail light: 5watts bulb: W5W
tail and stop light: 21/5watts bulb 7443
rear turn signal: 21watts bulb: 7440
rear sidemarker: 5watts bulb: W5W

trunk area: 5watts bulb:—– 3022
dome light: 8watts bulb:—– 3022

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