25 Oct

Installing Bare-metal OpenVZ


We are going to achieve 2 things here.
1. Install the OpenVZ OS
2. Install Ruby 1.8
3. Install the OpenVZ Web Panel

Install the OpenVZ OS

1. Get the ISO from https://download.openvz.org/virtuozzo/releases/7.0/x86_64/iso/
2. Install it as usual

Install Ruby 1.8

[root@localhost]#command curl -sSL https://rvm.io/mpapis.asc | gpg2 --import -
[root@localhost]#\curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable

Logout or restart ssh session

[root@localhost]#rvm install 1.8.7

Install the OpenVZ Web Panel

1. SSH to OpenVZ
2. Download OpenVZ Web Panel from github then unzip it

[root@localhost ~]# wget https://github.com/sibprogrammer/owp/archive/master.zip
[root@localhost ~]# unzip master.zip

3. Install the script and ruby dependencies

[root@localhost ~]# cd owp-master/installer/
[root@localhost installer]# chmod 777 ai.sh
[root@localhost installer]# ./ai.sh

4. Access the Web Panel
login with admin/admin

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