Found this article from Cisco Forum. Credits to original author. Introduction Network Address Translation is a very common feature used to address some issues and also to meet some networks’ […]

A very useful IOS tips from PacketLife Keyboard shortcuts These shortcuts can be used to speed up operating with the CLI: Ctrl+B or Left Move the cursor one character to […]

Lab environment/requirement Ubuntu/Debian server Tacacs+ software from Shruberry Cisco Catalyst switches User id: advanxer Password: helloword Enable password: ciscoenable Download and install tacacs+ wget Extract it tar -zxvf tacacs+-F4.0.4.27a.tar.gz […]

You can learn basic configuration and troubleshooting for Cisco IOS DNS/DHCP. PDF Slides Original source:

Troubleshooting ASA high memory issues

Problem Category: Security – Network Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems Problem Subcategory: Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) non-VPN problem Problem Type: Product Feature/Function Question Problem Details: We suspected there is a […]

EtherChannel vs LACP vs PAgP

What is EtherChannel? EtherChannel links formed when two or more links budled together for the purposes of aggregating available bandwidth and providing a measure of physical redundancy. Without EtherChannel, only […]