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Optimising LEDE (OpenWrt) for the PC Engines APU2

I’m planning to get APU2 in near future, I found this article is useful for my future project and created a mirror here. Credit to original post. The PC Engines APU2 is an embedded system based on AMD’s Jaguar family of processors. Many people prefer to run pfSenseon it, but since the rest of my hardware is alread on LEDE, it’s… Read More »

OpenWRT Adblock with Pixelserv

There’re many ways of doing this. The scenario and configuration is flexible enough, depending on what you want to achieve. The easy way My review: Provide the simplest method, poisoned DNS record will be redirected to Longer page load due to no content served in (wait until connection timeout). However this script let… Read More »

OpenDNS update script on OpenWRT Backfire 10.03.

AUTHOR: Install ‘curl’ package: # opkg update # opkg install curl Next create a script and call it /root/ : #/bin/sh /usr/bin/curl -4 -k -u username:password “” Make the script executable: # chmod +x /root/ Next create another script and call it /etc/hotplug.d/iface/100-opendns : #!/bin/sh if [ “$ACTION” = ifup ]; then /root/ >… Read More »

OpenWRT Backfire + IPv6 Tunnelling with dynamic WAN address

Mission: The example below illustrates a dynamic tunnel configuration for the Hurricane Electric broker with dynamic IP update enabled. The local IPv4 address is automatically determined and tunnelid, username and password are provided for IP update. Requirements: ipv6 tunnel, OpenWRT Backfire Get your v6 tunnel Go to and register. Once registered, click on “Create Regular… Read More »