VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) reduces administration in a switched network. When you configure a new VLAN on one VTP server, the VLAN is distributed through all switches in the domain. […]

1. Root using superoneclick 2. Download ODIN and modded kernel 3. Flash using ODIN, click on PDA and browse to modded kernel. Click start. 4. To confirm CWM installed, press […]

Goal 2: Installing optware

Updating package – ipkg update Upgrading package – ipkg upgrade Installing package – ipkg install <package name> Notes: Sometime when you reboot the NAS, optware […]

SSH to your NAS and type below commands: 1. Installing package dependencies

    2. Make working folder for pyload

3. Download latest version of pyLoad: [email protected]:/# wget http://bitbucket.org/spoob/pyload/get/default.zip […]