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Compile and Install BIND 9.9.7 ESV in Debian

This article will guide you step by step to get Bind DNS running. Install Dependencies: [email protected]:~# apt-get update [email protected]:~# apt-get upgrade [email protected]:~# apt-get install build-essential openssl libssl-dev libdb5.1-dev Download Bind: [email protected]:~# wget Unpack Bind: [email protected]:~# tar zxvf bind-9.9.7.tar.gz Configure and then compile Bind9 source pre: [email protected]:~# fakeroot ./configure –prefix=/usr –mandir=/usr/share/man –infodir=/usr/share/info –sysconfdir=/etc/bind –localstatedir=/var –enable-threads… Read More »

Logging Bind DNS Queries

Option 1 – Quick and Dirty You can quickly turn on logging by typing in the following into the server shell: [code]rndc querylog[/code] Then you can follow the information in the standard syslog. [code]tail -f /var/log/syslog[/code] You should see output like the following letting you know that queries are now logged: [code]Sep 14 22:23:20 ns01.companya.local… Read More »

Force apt-get to use IPv4 instead of IPv6

It seems that Ubuntu/Debian (or perhaps other distros as well) prefer IPv6 DNS records instead of IPv4 when applicable and some times this results in loss of connectivity or similar problems. I ran into this issue today while trying to update an old VPS with apt-get/aptitude. Specifically, was being resolved in an unreachable IPv6… Read More »

Graylog2: “Could not bind UDP syslog input to address /”

Problem Received error “Could not bind UDP syslog input to address /, Failed to bind to: /, Address already in use” when adding log input using UDP 514 (default syslog port). Explanation In UNIX/LINUX, assigned port 1024 and below require root privilege. Either you run graylog2 as root (not recommended) or follow below workaround. Solution… Read More »


Install xrdp apt-get install xrdp Configure xrdp GNOME apt-get install gnome-session-fallback echo gnome-session –session=gnome-fallback > ~/.xsession Xfce (xubuntu) echo xfce4-session > ~/.xsession LXDE (lubuntu) echo lxsession -s Lubuntu -e LXDE > ~/.xsession Incoming search terms:192 168 88 1/usermanxrdp mac address