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CloudFlare: Restore original visitor IP to Apache Web Servers

Since CloudFlare acts as a reverse proxy for websites, CloudFlare’s IPs are going to show in your server logs. This can be easily identified from awstats or webalizer. There is an easy fix to restore original visitor IP for any web server. 1) Copy the source file mod_cloudflare.c to your web server. wget https://raw.github.com/cloudflare/CloudFlare-Tools/master/mod_cloudflare.c 2)… Read More »


Use CloudFlare to accelerate your website

How Does CloudFlare’s Technology Work CloudFlare’s technology is built like a CDN (content delivery network). It is a cloud-based, distributed network, which means it has multiple data centers spread across the web. When you add a domain to your CloudFlare account, CloudFlare acts as a proxy. This means that your visitor’s requests to your website… Read More »