Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cisco Prime LMS Performance Tuning Tool

Performance Tuning Tool (PTT) is a Command Line Interface (CLI) utility that enables you to apply and list various profiles available in LMS server. Profiles consists of configuration files, which are in the form of XML files whose values are based on the recommendations for various applications. For more information on PTT features, refer to… Read More »

Lancer/Inspira Reset Service Reminder

HOW TO CANCEL THE SERVICE REMINDER WARNING 1. Turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position. 2. By operating the meter information switch, the warning period is displayed on the multi information display. 3. Press the meter information switch once for 1.2 seconds or longer. 4. The service reminder indicator flashes. 5. While the service… Read More »

Lancer/Inspira Bulb List

Front of car: Front turn signal light: 21watts bulb: WY21W Head light, high beam: 60watts bulb: 9005 HB3 Head light, low beam: (halogen bulb) 51watts bulb: 9006 HB4 front foglight: 55watts bulb: H11 Front side marker and parking light: 5watts bulb: 168/194 Side turn signal light: 5watts bulb: 168/194 REAR of car: High mounted stop… Read More »