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Guide for pi-hole

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Odroid HC2 Heat Issue

The infamous heat issue with the Odroid HC2 is here. My simple solution is simply by plugging in cheap USB fan to the bottom of the case (I put my HC2 vertically for better heat dissipation). Below is the result. And for the sake of comparison, here’s the CPU thermal reading for my RPi2 with… Read More »


Install Transmission on Xbian

Connect to xbian using ssh Default username xbian password raspberry Perform package update and upgrade root@xbian:/home/xbian#apt-get update root@xbian:/home/xbian#apt-get upgrade –y Install xbian optimized transmission binary root@xbian:/home/xbian#apt-get install -y -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confdef” -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confold” xbian-package-transmission Notes: 1. Default download location is at /home/xbian 2. Access webui via http://xbianip:9091 3. Default webui login admin password raspberry