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Buffalo Linkstation: Add NFS function (support NFS v3)

So I just noticed that the previous method only support NFS v2. ESXi require NFS v3 at minimum. So here’s the guide for NFS v3 on Buffalo Linkstation. Step 1: Gain SSH and optware (check my previous post) Step 2: Check for unfs package #ipkg update #ipkg list | grep unfs unfs3 – 0.9.22-1 -… Read More »

(Solved) Buffalo Linkstation: Email notification using GMAIL

Email Notification You may set up email alerts for the following occurrences:. – HD Status Report – Fan errors – Disk errors – Backup Complete SMTP Server Enter the IP address and port number of your SMTP mail server. If no port number is entered, the default port 25 will be used. POP3 Server Many… Read More »

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Buffalo Linkstation Hard Disk Recovery

This is not a complete step-by-step data recovery guide. Here I just listed all software needed during my successful recovery. 1. To fix GPT record, use TestDisk. 2. To read and reconstruct RAID, use UFS Explorer Professional Recovery. Notes: 1. Linkstation filesystem is XFS 2. Linkstation not using legacy MBR, instead it’s using GPT for… Read More »

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