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Cisco IOS DNS/DHCP overview and troubleshooting

You can learn basic configuration and troubleshooting for Cisco IOS DNS/DHCP. PDF Slides Original source:


Troubleshooting ASA high memory issues

Problem Category: Security – Network Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems Problem Subcategory: Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) non-VPN problem Problem Type: Product Feature/Function Question Problem Details: We suspected there is a memory leak on our ASA 5585-X. Can you guide me where to look for the “fragment size” value from the “show memory detail” output. TAC… Read More »


Cisco Insight Reporter: Sybase DB issue

Problem: Upgraded Insight Reporter from v3.2.0 to 3.4.0, existing traffic database show disconnected Workaround/Solution: 1) To get Sybase JDBC Connector Download JConnect from this link Extract and Install it in Insight Server ./setup.bin -i console Go to /opt/sybase/jConnect-7_0/classes and copy conn4.jar and  jTDS3.jar into Cisco Insight directory (/home/user/Insight/apache-tomcat-6.0.20/webapps/insight/WEB-INF/lib/) Restart tomcat /etc/init.d/tomcat-user stop /etc/init.d/tomcat-user start 2) To determine… Read More »