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OpenWRT: Monitoring using vnstat

Another method to collect your OpenWRT statistics Installation: opkg update opkg install luci-app-vnstat vnstat vnstati Configuration: Advance configuration 1) Vnstat Luci configuration script located at /etc/config/vnstat [email protected]:/# cat /etc/config/vnstat config ‘vnstat’ list ‘interface’ ‘br-lan’ list ‘interface’ ‘eth0’ list ‘interface’ ‘eth0.1’ list ‘interface’ ‘eth0.500’ list ‘interface’ ‘eth0.600’ list ‘interface’ ‘wlan0’ 2) Core vnstat configuration file located at /etc/vnstat.conf. Default… Read More »

OpenWRT: Bootstrap Luci Theme

A minimalist Luci theme Installation: wget opkg install luci-theme-bootstrap_1-1_all.ipk This should give you an option ‘Bootstrap’ in the System/System -> Language and Style page. source: Update: 17 February 2014 This theme is now included in the openwrt 12.09 and trunk repos and should be downloaded from there, and search for luci-theme-bootstrap. Or the easy… Read More »

OpenWRT: Backfire 10.03.1 LuCI Essentials

Change default http port The listening port is defined in /etc/config/uhttpd file. [email protected]:/etc/config# cat uhttpd # HTTP listen addresses, multiple allowed list listen_http Securing LuCI [email protected]:/etc/config# cat uhttpd # HTTP listen addresses, multiple allowed list listen_http Enable SSL 1. For a full LuCI installation with HTTPS support opkg install luci-ssl 2. For upgrading… Read More »

OpenWRT: Monitoring using collectd

Out of the box, OpenWRT can show you real-time statistics, however it will not store the data for historical view. I’m looking for similar graphing function as seen on DD-Wrt. Objective: To have a nice historical data graphs for router (interfaces bandwidth utilization, cpu load, uptime) Options we have: -Use SNMP and graph it using cacti -muninlite –vnstat -collectd… Read More »

Buffalo Linkstation ACP Commander GUI

I stumbled upon a website where the author is generous enough to program a GUI for the acp commander. I haven’t tried yet since my NAS already rooted. I, without his permission “mirror’ his page for my future reference. Original link: ACP Commander GUI is a Graphical User Interface using acp_commander developed by Georg from NAS-Central. ACP Commander… Read More »

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