I stumbled upon a website where the author is generous enough to program a GUI for the acp commander. I haven’t tried yet since my NAS already rooted. I, without his permission “mirror’ his page for my future reference.

Original link: http://www.gry.ch/Java/styled/

ACP Commander GUI is a Graphical User Interface using acp_commander developed by Georg from NAS-Central. ACP Commander GUI is based on the code of acp_commander with some modifications for better integration into the GUI.

Thanks to Georg for his nice work!

ACP Commander GUI can be used to remotely control your arm9-based LS Pro/LS Live/Tera Pro v2/Tera Live devices. I only tested it with an LS Live, but the others should work to.

This is a Java application. Please download Java for your System here.
Mac OS X Mountain Lion users: Download Java directly from Apple if not already installed.


  • Automatically detects LinkStations™ available in your network, just select the desired one from the pulldown box.
  • Execute Linux commands directly on the LinkStation™ and get the output in the log window.
  • Set the door password of the LinkStation™.
  • Enable SSH (sshd). It will also add a startup entry so that SSH is also available after each reboot.
  • Tested on Firmware versions 1.560 and 1.570.

Simply enter the admin password in the “Admin password” field and you are done. That is the one you do also use to login to the Web Interface of the LinkStation™. After that, simply click on one of the buttons to execute the desired action.

For more LinkStation™ information visit Buffalo Technology.

Note: The data that can be returned from the LinkStation™ is limited by the protocol. That means if you manually execute a command (like “ls”) on the device it could be possible that you don’t get the full result back. Just keep that in mind.

Warning: This is experimental software that might damage your LinkStation™.

Version History:

  • 1.5.6 (08.04.2012)
    Initial release.

Download 1.5.6 (DMG file for Mac OS X 10.6+)
Download 1.5.6 (JAR file for all platforms)
Download 1.5.6 (ZIP for Microsoft Windows)
Download 1.5.6 (EXE for Microsoft Windows)

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  • Ibrahim

    I just wanted to say that I tried all the tricks in the book and none of them worked for me, I have LS-WVL/E and this is my only hope left. But the download links seem to be dead, can you please update them or show us where we can download.

    Thanks mate!!

    • h4irul

      Hello, download links updated. However, ACP GUI not able to detect my LS. Alternatively, you can follow this guide, http://advanxer.com/blog/2011/07/hitb-buffalo-linkstation-pro-duo/
      Works for me every time.

      • Ibrahim

        I tried the other guide but the SSH is not starting up, not sure why..my firmware version is 1.68(the latest one). when I telnet I get that the connection timed out or something.. I’ll try again today.. thanks for the great posts they are really helpfull

        • TopMusic

          After i did the image.hack on the v1.68 image, root access didnt work. Password seems to be not updated.
          When i ran this program on my LS-WXL and change root password i got in as root [email protected]_nas

          Thx for this program 😛

        • h4irul

          Verify ssh is running by telnet to linkstation ip address on port 22.
          You can force the ssh daemon to restart by executing this command:
          java -jar acp_commander.jar -t NAS_IP -ip NAS_IP -pw Youradminpassword -c “/etc/init.d/sshd.sh restart”

        • Is.not.Rael

          turn off your fiewall and do it, i had the same issue, (timeout to 22936 port)

      • Ibrahim

        It turns out I had the SSH messed up, after flashing the 1.68 firmware again, your tutorial worked and the GUI also detected it 🙂 thanks for the help!

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  • Rob

    Hi I tried this to my Terastation pro, it all seemed to work ok until I used putty to SSH and it wouldn’t accept the password I entered…..HELP!

    • h4irul

      Sorry Rob, ironically this tools never worked for me. “Admin password” = your web ui password. Try click on “set root PW” and enter your new ssh root password, to prevent confusion you can use the same password as your web ui password.

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  • jim

    works with linkstation pro duo 1.65 firmware… good job coder!

    • h4irul

      Credit to NAS Central and gry.ch

  • EJStark

    This is not working on my Terastation Pro 2 (TS-HTGL) with FW 1.35. I keep getting “Communiction error, please try again”. Anyone know why or if the FW is causing the issue?

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  • Luis Cruz

    Beware! After I followed this procedure to enable SSH on a LS421DE the device started making (or receiving not sure) SSH connections to chinese addresses such as

  • PBP

    For Linkstation LS441D (LS400 Series) I had to do the following to get SSH started.

    sed -i s/SUPPORT_SFTP=0/SUPPORT_SFTP=1/ /etc/nas_feature

    /etc/init.d/sshd.sh start

    This allowed the ssh keys to be generated and sshd to start correctly.
    I then used ACP Commander to set the root password, then connected to port “22” SSH just fine.

    • Martin Martinez

      This did not work for my LS441D41C with Firmware 1.70-1.06 but it was a great help. (The config files have apparently changed slightly)

      instead of the first command I substituted:
      sed -i ‘s/allowssh no/allowssh yes/’ /etc/sftponly_config

      /etc/init.d/sshd.sh start

      • Rik Shaw

        Thanks, this sed worked for me with a TS5400D, firmware 3.00-0.05. BUT after you get ssh access with that sed you need to go and change the guest account lines back (‘allowssh no’) or you may open your device up to hackers. This may help to address @disqus_Kst7UGcQ79:disqus issue below. In summary you only want ‘allowssh yes’ for your specific user.

        I had to use ‘vi’ to re-edit /etc/sftponly_config

  • mh

    I would really like to get this working on my Linkstation LS441D (LS441DB13) Version 1.81-0.03 but have had no luck with various instructions I have found floating around the web. Teh ACP Commander can identify the unit and can let me run commands, but I am unable to establish a telnet connection afterwards. Any thoughts on the mater?

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  • Ahmed Razi

    I have LS-VL, and this is second time I had issue with this product. So I tried the following
    – Tried LSupdate application from Buffalo site for Windows, Linux, Mac but I have been seeing ACP_Fail message at the end.
    – Used ACP commander CLI and GUI and I had some success in setting up SSH, Root password change but after that I was not able to ssh to the box. Though I was able to run – ls, df, du commands
    – Also connected the LS-VL to my windows machine and got a 169 address but still Firmware flash is failing
    Any recommendation to move forward in upgrading the firmware