January 2014

OpenWRT Adblock with Pixelserv

There’re many ways of doing this. The scenario and configuration is flexible enough, depending on what you want to achieve. The easy way My review: Provide the simplest method, poisoned […]

AUTHOR: [email protected] Install ‘curl’ package: # opkg update # opkg install curl Next create a script and call it /root/rc.ddns_opendns.sh : #/bin/sh /usr/bin/curl -4 -k -u username:password “https://updates.opendns.com/account/ddns.php?” Make the […]

A very useful IOS tips from PacketLife Keyboard shortcuts These shortcuts can be used to speed up operating with the CLI: Ctrl+B or Left Move the cursor one character to […]

Cisco UCS: Certification has been revoked

Recently I’m encountered CSCtx30115 bug. I’m unable to launch Virtual KVM via Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC). Workaround Incoming search terms:cimc certificate revoked