avh-x5650bt_rc_rd_ri_green_left_b2When I received my Pioneer AVH-X5650BT 2DIN player, I was struggling to play any video files from any media. In the product manual it provide very brief information on the supported video format. I am very frustrated when I always get “unplayable file” error message. I’m surprised that actually there’re few limitations and requirements for the player to recognized the video files.

Rule of Thumb

  • Maximum height cannot exceed 404pixels or else you will get “resolution not supported”.
  • Some user reported maximum resolution is 720×576. I haven’t tried this.
  • Maximum total bitrate must not exceed 1000kbps.
  • Avoid underscore in filename.

Converting your video files

Download DivX video converter and install it.
Load your video files that need to be converted, and select “HD 720p” profile.
divx profile
Modify resolution, click maintain aspect ratio and adjust the height to 404.
Keep an eye to the Total bitrate, make sure it does not exceed 1000kbps. You can tune the value by adjusting the video bitrate.
divx profile2

Save Presets so that you can load the profile in the future.
divx profile3



Feel free to share your setting or anything that can improve this post.

From the Owner Manual
div5 div1 div div2 div3 div4

Download AVH-X5650BT, AVH-X4650DVD, AVH-X2650BT & AVH-X1650DVD User Manual

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  • Brian Choong

    Yes, I tried 720×576, it can be play well at the player, just that it cannot be full screen only

    720 X 404 actually is about 16:9, which is the HD ready resolution

    Do you know the actual screen resolution of this player?
    So that I can render the highest resolution that this player can support

    I check some of the official site, they put 800 X 480…
    But I really not trust about it, because I render 720 X 404, I able to get nice full screen, which is 16:9 ratio…and 800 X 480 is not 16:9

    • h4irul

      Hi Brian,

      Have you tried changing your video mode to FULL?
      Here’s an excerpt from the manual:

  • max

    Yes I tried it’s working perfectly thank you.

    • h4irul


  • Jason Nah

    Do you have methods for converting DVD straight to Pioneer Head Unit’s format ?

    • h4irul

      I think you can.
      -download DVD decrypter, and make a copy of your DVD content to computer drive.
      -within DivX Converter app, click add and navigate to DVD content in your drive, select either MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG2 TS until you see the file being displayed.
      -select that file and convert it

  • basim007

    is there any other better format working and better quality as it isnt that gud and also some of them dont fit full screen inspite i put same dimensions … mpeg2 used to work on my china set alooot better and much clarity … kindof of depressed coz i bought this new one and it end up like this !! 🙁

    • h4irul

      Most of the branded head unit comes with divx codec. I guess using .divx is still the best for divx certified player. As for the screen resolution and quality, please try playing with different tweak, or divx built in profile. I’m struggling too in the beginning.

  • Mangalagiri Sam

    Pioneer – AVH-279BT useless player. i have downloaded movies and audio and converted them in to .vob, mp4, .avi, mpeg, divx none of the formats works pioneer is cheating with the lables be aware

    • h4irul

      You never RTFM isn’t it? Just follow above steps and you’ll be fine. If you still encounter an issue, provide the details.

  • Future Planz

    hello i have x2790bt when i play video from usb using 640×360 ratio bt video & audio not matched

    • h4irul

      I have a video converted to .divx format and I can play it flawlessly from USB drive. You need to check the root cause of the issue, it can be the video source, player issue or conversion error.

  • vishal dabas

    I’m unable to reduce video bitrate,i did all corrections but bitrate isn’t able to reduce to 800. Help me

    • h4irul

      Maximum accepted bitrate is 1000.

  • Joseph Tan

    Thanks for the wonderful share.I managed to convert my MKV video to DIVX and got it running on my AVH P4150DVD unit.
    However I realised that the trial version divx convert is unable to rip DTS audo track, can anybody recommend a free convertor that can rip DTS audio as well?

    • h4irul

      You may try handbrake or Freemake video converter.

    • Marchel Sea

      Hi, sorry it’s a bit out of topic. I just need to know before buying Avh P4150, can you tell me if this player can play divx movie from usb instead of Disc ? Meaning if i don’t burn a disc with the divx movie but i use a usb with divx movie inside can i play it on this player ? Your reply will be very helpful for me, thank you.

  • Ace Kun

    can you teach me how to do a playable video file for AVH-X5850BT? It seem that the 8 series of pioneer headunit don’t support DivX playback thru USB. Thanks.

    • h4irul

      If the divx files is playable from DVD (burn as data not video), the same files will be playable from USB (albeit slower to load). Just make sure you select the media type from the USB input from the screen (Photo, Video, Music)

    • KANGS

      Hi Ace, any luck with your 5850 and video format? I’m also using the same HU and having the same problem. Can’t seemed to find a solution though.

      • Taylor Jane

        Hi KANGS, may i know if you have solved it on your 5850? I have tried several output versions but still facing the problem.

      • Ace Kun

        Hi KANGS, this reply is too late but here you go.
        AVH-X5850BT video playback works like this.
        – CD/DVD video playback has a maximum resolution of 720×576
        – USB video playback has a maximum resolution of 320×240
        *Exceed the following resolutions = File not recognized by the HU

        I converted my video files using DivX Converter using DivX HOME THEATER output profile and burn it to a CD/DVD. (this is the best output suitable for our HU)

        Conclusion is that USB video playback of 5850 is not that good compared to its predecessors. 5750 is much better in terms of video playback. (DL 1080p youtube video, put in a usb then you’re good to go). I’m going to trade in my 5850 to there new flagship HU – AVIC series.

        • Xiongmao Macao

          Hi Ace, I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly… the problem I have is when I play the divx file, it does not allow me to fast forward or rewind AND it doesn’t resume playback… If I leave the car then return, the movie will play from the beginning…. any advice?

  • Raymond

    hi all, ive converted the files to divx, the problem i have now is the files play but when i restart the car the video doesn’t resume. it starts playing but no audio or video

    • h4irul

      Encountered this once. Tried updating your firmware?

    • Xiongmao Macao

      Hi Raymond, I have the same problem… did you fix?

  • Siddharth Roy

    I have bought an avh-x5890bt but unable to play any video file via usb or appradio… Have tried the conversion as mentioned above but of no use,,, anybody has any suggestion then do let me know …

    • h4irul
    • Floyd Mariah

      Please make sure that you change the input from Music to Video after plugin your USB. Then you are good to go

    • Dave Irungu

      Hi, I also sail in the same boat, but discovered that if I use a flash with FAT file system, it works, but cannot work with FAT32 file system.

  • Jd High

    First day AVH-X4700BS

    Using DivX video converter MP4 iphone format basic setting on usbkey fat 32
    works perfectly

    YT Downloader for download video on youtube

    thank you help the artist buy original cd

    • damien

      hey just wanted to know that if you modify anything on the output size ..

      • Jd High

        No size modify

  • Aman Jain

    hey can you please tell me proper conversion settings for avh289bt

    • Tsalis Azhar

      Same problems on my avh-x1550dvd, i cant play any video format or extension (.divx) with usb..

  • joe

    just want to say thanks for this post really saved me from more headaches. I have the Pioneer MVH-280-BT and converting from mp4 to DIVX using the free DIVX converter with your recommended settings worked. Also the USB needs to be formatted to FAT32. THANKS BRO! For any one else using the above settings and the system still dont work, make sure your stereo’s parking cable is connected properly, other wise it will just play the stereo and not the video and will keep saying you cant play while driving.

  • Melvin Wi

    I gt pioneer 5750bt
    But my mp4 i download on youtube all is 1080
    But now i need using my pendrive to play it
    Any resulotion support my pioneer
    Please help me
    Now i using divx convert
    I dunno wat resulotion

    • h4irul

      Maximum height cannot exceed 404pixels or else you will get “resolution not supported”.

      Maximum total bitrate must not exceed 1000kbps.

      Avoid underscore in filename.

  • Thomas Fjellerad

    Thanks this was great…. I found that you can apply the same settings in handbreak which is more complicated but is a lot faster… anyway just wanted to say thanks as this info helped me out…

  • Abula

    Thanks for this post, really useful, although the exact setttings shown here are not good for Pioneer AVX-4800BS. Seems Pioneer gets worst on video year over year. Btw i tried DIVX, even paid for the converter, and no luck, i tried Home Theater, gave me not compatible, same with 720×404 and 406, also tried 630×360 not compabtible either.

    I moved to Freemake Video Converter, and it works fine, i have manage to make it work with MP4 630×360 MPEG4 with 800br with 30fps, audio had issues with ACC 5.1 so moved to ACC Stereo 448br. Still not perfect, i do get some light freezing, like frame skipping, i need to play more with the bitrate and fps, will see in time.

  • Phil Belvin

    Anyone know to do burned music DVDs on a avh-x4800bs

  • bekster

    hello guys,, can anyone help me where I can download video from my android phone that can be played on my pioneer head unit,, is there any such application or application that I can use to convert videos that can be played on my head unit? thank you guys

  • sam m

    Steps resolve unsupported format / cannot play videos.

    1. Format the pen drive to FAT file system
    2. Download & install the free video converter software
    3. convert the video files to

  • Sam Ranken

    Thanks for sharing informative blog… Visit http://supersoundsecurity.com/video/ for best overhead DVD player

  • Jd High

    divx converter version 10.8.1 04-04-2017

    1. Format usb key FAT32
    2. Download & install the free video converter software
    3. Choose mp4 ipad or iphone and change video configuration. Use the image configuration in divx converter
    4. Copy the converted videos to the usb key

  • Jd High

    divx converter version 10.8.1 04-04-2017
    Works on almost all pioneer models.
    New models available supporting 1080p
    1. Format usb key FAT32
    2. Download & install the free video converter software
    3. Choose mp4 ipad or iphone and change video configuration. Use the image configuration in divx converter
    Choose kbps for sound quality
    4. Copy the converted videos to the usb key

  • Jd High
  • Devon Samlal

    download divx converter, select “divx home theater” from drop down menu, it converts UP TO 720 x 576. So far all vids i converted with this stock setting have played flawlesslyand without any tweaking and are real full screen so no black bars bs. Enjoy.

    • disqus_v1sQNfpJxI

      Which Head Unit do you have?

      • Devon Samlal

        Avh-280bt (6.2″ screen and i think its a 2016 model)

  • Kenny

    So far i burned video using “Divx home theater” option work quit well but not in flash drive

    • h4irul

      try format the flash drive to fat32. It is normally faster to load the video from the DVD (*.divx files) instead of flash drive. It happened with Kenwood player too.

  • Shenu Chauhan

    thank bro i fed up with vid format so thanks to help

    • h4irul

      yeah, it’s the divx thingy. I’m almost gave up initially.

  • samy youssef

    Pioneer – AVH-265BT. i have downloaded movies and converted them in to .vob, mp4, .avi, mpeg, divx none of the formats works pioneer

    • h4irul

      Did you followed the instructions and reading through all the comments? Or maybe you can share the steps that you have taken

  • Charitha Wijesinghe

    pioneer – AVH-X2850 BT.i have downloaded movies and converted them into .vob, mp4, .avi, mpeg, divx none of the formats works.Befor i used same with my old AVH-295BT same format.it work fine but new one not working showing unsupported file format.

    • Sean Wess

      I posted on the thread on what I did to get to watch vids

  • Tetovva93

    im trying this to my avh 550bt converted to divx, HD 720p,Home theater,Mobile but dosent work Unplayable file ?

    • Sean Wess

      I posted on the thread on what I did to get to watch vids.

  • Kevin Villalobos

    Thanks for all the steps! I don’t know if you still support this page but I have an issue with the audio; I have the pioneer avh-x4800bs, just did everything as you described and the video plays fine but without audio playing on it. I just updated the firmware to 8.18 (latest for that model), but still no sound.

  • Sean Wess

    I tried this and did not work for me. I did find something that does work. I got a program called “atube catcher” It is a video converter and youtube ripper. The ONLY format that worked for me was”3GP Mobile phone 174X144 (small)”

    Every vid I converted worked with audio and video great.People, we are watching vids on a 7″ inch screen, so don’t think the screen size specs won’t look good.

  • Nagarajan Selvaraju

    AFTER I TRIED SO MUCH FORMAT’S… THE BEST FORMAT WILL BE … this format can play all kind of videos without errors…

  • Sumit bedi

    I am using Pioneer 8450bt 1280×720 full hd (H.264) …best format for playing Hd Videos is H.264. In any pioneer double din try once H.264 format make sure with 1280×720 or 720×520 or 720×480. if u want all ur videos will play best format to play video is H.264