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Cisco NAT with route-maps for multiple destinations

object-group network og-rfc1918 /8 /12 /16 ! ip access-list extended acl-nat permit ip object-group og-rfc1918 any ! route-map rm-site-a match ip address acl-nat match interface FastEthernet0/0 ! route-map rm-site-b match ip address acl-nat match interface FastEthernet1/0 ! ip nat inside source route-map rm-site-a interface FastEthernet0/0 overload ip nat inside source route-map rm-site-b… Read More »

Cisco Multi Homed Internet Config

Found this article from Cisco Forum. Credits to original author. Introduction Network Address Translation is a very common feature used to address some issues and also to meet some networks’ requirements such as, overlapped networks and Internet links. In this small document we will discuss a business requirement example, and the main idea behind this… Read More »

Synchronize MAC address database between Windows 2012 DHCP Server

In Windows Server 2012, Microsoft added DHCP failover feature. However, this feature will not replicate MAC filter lists (Allow/Deny). Below script is to synchronize DHCP MAC filter database. Link to original post: Paste below script in Powershell ISE [code language=”powershell”] $MasterServerHostname = "MasterDHCPFQDN"; # Get the LOCAL filters from localhost $lfilters = Get-DhcpServerv4Filter #… Read More »