Verifying BGP Routes on Azure ExpressRoute

By | September 20, 2021

You have setup the ExpressRoute, you are able to verify the BGP routes received and advertised from the router easily, and now you want to verify the BGP routes from Azure.

From Azure Portal, open ExpressRoute circuits and click that option.

There are three interesting options here:

  • View ARP records to see information on ARP.
  • View Route Table – more on this in a second.
  • View Route Table Summary to get a breakdown/summary of the records, including neighbor, version, status ASN, and a count of routes.

We want to see the Route Table so you click that option. Another pop-up blade appears and now you wait for several minutes. Eventually, the screen will load up to 200 of the entries from the Route Table. If you want to see the entire list of entries or you want an export, click Download. A CSV file will download via your browser, with one line per route from the Route Table, including every one of the routes.

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