Metro Ethernet Services

By | February 17, 2022

Type of services offered by Metro E

  1. E-Line (Ethernet Line Service)
    1. point-to-point connection between two sites
    2. Just think like you have a direct cable from branch to HQ
    3. Another common name for E-Line is VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service)
  2. E-LAN (Ethernet LAN Service)
    1. It’s a full-mesh topology that acts like a big switch
    2. Commonly used for connecting lots of branches to DC/HQ, via L3 MPLS
  3. E-Tree (Ethernet Tree Service)
    1. t’s also known as a hub and spoke topology, partial mesh or point-to-multipoint
    2. 1 CE is selected as a HUB, the other CE’s as a leaves
    3. Leave-to-leave communication is still possible but it will have to go through the main site (HUB)