WLC useful commands in daily operational activities for Wireless Networking

By | October 15, 2022

To configure IP Address in AP

config ap static-ip enable AP-NAME IP-ADDRESS MASK GATEWAY

To configure AP Credentials for Telnet/SSH

config ap telnet enable AP-NAME

config ap ssh enable AP-NAME

config ap mgmtuser add username USERNAME password PASSWORD enablesecret ENABLE-PASSWORD AP-NAME

To change AP mode

config ap mode MODE AP-NAME

To configure ap group name in AP

config ap group-name GROUP-NAME AP-NAME

To configure flexconnect native vlan in AP

config ap flexconnect vlan native VLAN-ID AP-NAME

To check vlan id of interface

show interface summary

To check wlan id of interface

show wlan summary

To map vlan id to wlan in flexconnect AP

config ap flexconnect vlan wlan WLAN-ID VLAN-ID AP-NAME

To configure wlan and mapping wlan interface in ap group

config wlan apgroup interface-mapping add GROUP-NAME WLAN-ID INTERFACE-NAME

To downgrade AP to autonomous from WLC

config ap tftp-downgrade TFTP-IP-ADDRESS FILENAME AP-NAME

To check cdp neighbour of AP

show ap cdp neighbors detail AP-NAME

To disable wireless clients from connecting network (Adding clients in exclusion list)

config exclusionlist add MAC-ADDRESS DESCRIPTION

To enable LED of AP

config ap led-state enable AP_NAME

To disable LED of AP

config ap led-state disable AP_NAME

To reload AP

config ap reset AP-NAME

To apply filter in WLC for quick findings

grep include “pattern” “commands”


grep include “AP Serial Number” “show ap config general AP-NAME”

grep include “MAC Address” “show ap config general AP-NAME”

grep include “IP Address” “show ap config general AP-NAME”

grep include “167.73.2.” “show ap summary”

source: https://community.cisco.com/t5/wireless-mobility-knowledge-base/wlc-useful-commands-in-daily-operational-activities-for-wireless/ta-p/3708756