Ordering Azure ExpressRoute circuit in Equinix

If your router is hosted in Equinix DC, you can use Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (or simply called ECX Fabric) to have a direct access to Microsoft services. Azure ExpressRoute require redundancy at each peering location and this is mandatory. So when you placed the order for ECX fabric connection, Equinix will give you 2… Read More »

Verifying BGP Routes on Azure ExpressRoute

You have setup the ExpressRoute, you are able to verify the BGP routes received and advertised from the router easily, and now you want to verify the BGP routes from Azure. From Azure Portal, open ExpressRoute circuits and click that … option. There are three interesting options here: View ARP records to see information on… Read More »

Cooling down your router

I bought this USB powered fan made for a router. CPU temperature is dropping from 71°C to 50°C5GHz chip temperature is dropping from 51°C to 42°C You can find it from here. I bought 12cm x 12cm size for RM12 (around 4USD) and it fit my ASUS router nicely. I also installed a dust filter… Read More »


The use of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs) simplifies the configuration process when you must provide protection for site-to-site VPN tunnels. A major benefit of IPsec VTIs is that the configuration does not require a static mapping of IPsec sessions to a physical interface. IPsec VTI’s function like any other real interface… Read More »

Guide for pi-hole

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