Monthly Archives: July 2012

Extract APK and decompile into Java source code

Decompiling apk to Dex format 1. Download Dex2Jar (Android runs applications which are in Dalvik Executable (.dex) format). 2. Run the command to convert apk to jar dex2jar targetapp.apk file(./dex2jar targetapp.apk on terminal) Viewing/Decompiling the Jar files to Java 1. Open ‘targetapp.apk.dex2jar.jar’ with jd-gui 2. File > Save All Sources to sava the class files in jar… Read More »

[FIX] Adding magnet url to Buffalo Linkstation embedded μTorrent

Since The Pirate Bay using magnet link to initiate torrent download, i’m having issue with my μTorrent running in Linkstation. Below is the symptom: Magnet links can be added but don’t start, they sit at 0 seeders and peers and display the null error mentioned previously in the event log: JS error: [778] Unable to get value of the… Read More »

Install μTorrent Server in Ubuntu/Debian

μTorrent is a freeware and a closed source BitTorrent Client. One of the most used lightweight BitTorrent Client, Now it is available for Linux as μTorrent Server. You can download the tar file from or Open a Terminal and use the following command to download.       For x32 [email protected]:~# wget For x64 [email protected]:~# wget… Read More »

Watch unlimited Movies and TV series using XBMC

XBMC is an open source software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. XBMC is available for Linux, OSX, IOS, Android (WIP) and Windows. Out of the box, XBMC can organnize your media collection, auto download album art and many more. This tutorial will show how we can unleashed the full potential and capabilities… Read More »

CloudFlare: Restore original visitor IP to Apache Web Servers

Since CloudFlare acts as a reverse proxy for websites, CloudFlare’s IPs are going to show in your server logs. This can be easily identified from awstats or webalizer. There is an easy fix to restore original visitor IP for any web server. 1) Copy the source file mod_cloudflare.c to your web server. wget 2)… Read More »