PFSense – Enabling Administration via the WAN Interface

By | December 11, 2019

Managing PFSense is done via a web interface which is generally accessed via the internal or LAN interface. This will show you on how to accessing the web interface from the WAN interface.

Method 1 – disabling packet filter
Get access into pfsense via SSH or console.

Choose option 8 (Shell) and type pfctl -d
This will disable the packet filter entirely and you will be able to access the web interface from any interfaces. Useful for temporary or first time setup.

To enable it back, just type pfctl -e

Method 2 – allow from the firewall rules (if you already have access to web interface via LAN)

Firewall > Rules, WAN Tab

  • Actionpass
  • InterfaceWAN
  • ProtocolTCP
  • SourceAny (or restrict by IP/subnet)
  • DestinationWAN Address
  • Destination port rangeHTTPS (Or the custom port)
  • DescriptionAllow remote management from anywhere (Dangerous!)


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