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NTFS manual mount on Buffalo Linkstation

I have an external HDD that being partitioned with ext3 and ntfs. Ext3 is for ubuntu boot from usb, while ntfs is mainly to store my data. Symptom: I can’t see my ntfs partition when i plugged in my external HDD into Buffalo NAS. However, ext3 is visible and mounted in /mnt/usbdisk1 also from samba.… Read More »


HITB Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo – Part 1

Update: Dec 2019 -this tutorial may outdated. If you stuck, please read comments below. -thanks to CrashSerious for highlighting this tools: https://github.com/CrashSerious/Buffalo-220-NAS With stock firmware, there’s no ssh/telnet capability in the box. We are going to “open” it. Goal 1: Open the Stock Firmware Get ACP Commander from here. This is the most useful tools ever… Read More »


Installing PyLoad on Optware

SSH to your NAS and type below commands: 1. Installing package dependencies ipkg install python py25-crypto py25-curl libcurl py25-openssl py25-django tesseract-ocr unzip sqlite wget-ssl py25-pil unrar ossp-js     2. Make working folder for pyload root@nas:/# mkdir /mnt/disk1/pyload/ 3. Download latest version of pyLoad: root@nas:/# wget http://bitbucket.org/spoob/pyload/get/default.zip 4. Unzip it root@nas:/#unzip default.zip 5. Install it root@nas:/#./pyLoadCore.py… Read More »